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Below the flesh, creeping behind bone, in secret places of the spirit, lie wounds.
These wounds, these sin stuck wounds, they self-protect, they build walls, they leak venom. We deny the truth when we live out of our wounds. We believe lies.

And lies make us slaves.

But there is hope. We can learn how to identify these destructive lies and then begin to root them out so we can see the truth clearly.
In uncovering our lies and dealing with them we will find the freedom to be who God intends us to be; we can live authentically. The transformation from wound-living to freedom-living will allow us to love God and love others without fear.

Let’s begin.


“Sarah Mae has a gift and passion for defining essential spiritual issues of the heart. Her insight and challenge in this book will change the way you think about yourself and lead you to spiritual freedom.”

- Sally Clarkson, Author & Speaker

“Deal with and repent of your own core lies so you don’t demand from and damage your child as much.”
- Cathy Bowman, Navigators Ministry

” . . . until you deal with the lies, and very specifically, you haven’t dealt.”
Arabah Joy,

“This manuscript made me search my heart for scabbed over wounds, it caused me to gingerly touch the bruised places, and made me thirsty for freedom.”
-Shelley Noonan, Author & Speaker

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